Driver Testimonial: Mark Berinsky

For our October Driver Testimonial, we are featuring Mark Berinsky. Mark is a company driver out of our Wilmington, North Carolina terminal and has been with us for almost 13 years. Mark used to perform inspections and repairs on tank trailers. After months of drivers asking him why he was working on his knees when he could be driving a truck, Mark decided to get his CDL. While returning back to Wilmington one night, Mark was chatting with a Superior driver about a load. This led to Mark visiting the terminal and he’s been happy with Superior ever since.

But we’ll let him tell you more about that and his experience with Superior Carriers in his Driver Testimonial below.

“I have, on numerous occasions, looked at other places to drive for. And I haven’t found a single place in 13 years that’s better to drive for than Superior.”


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