Head to Heel: Focused on Sustainability

Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. has had a longtime public commitment to protecting the environment. Did you know that even our corporate logo represents this? Our focus on safe transport of product is reflected by the “S” passing though the blue for water and green for earth. Today, we are collaborating with a valued customer in a way that supports this shared goal to decrease our environmental footprint.

Along with the help of our friends at ST&E, we have redesigned the center unload DOT 407. The new trailer features an innovative barrel design that eliminates the residual heel from viscous products, reduces the resulting waste stream, and increases throughput.

While other vendors told our customer that it was impossible to solve the residual heel challenge, “our strategic commitment to them [our customer], and our own determination to address this environmental issue, made us persevere until we achieved a workable solution,” stated Wes Stone, Senior VP and CMO.

To read more about these new trailers, check out the full article “Sustainability Is How We Do Business” in the March, 2016 Newsletter.

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