SBL Finishes Honor In The NTTC Competitive Safety Contest

The National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) and Heil Trailer recently held their International Safety Awards Banquet in Nashville, TN. Three different safety awards recognized during the event, Annual Personnel Safety, Safety Improvement, and Annual Competitive Safety Contest.

We are proud to announce that Superior Bulk Logistics finished Honor (second) in the Competitive Safety Contest for the 40-90 Million Miles category.

The Competitive Safety Contest is open to all for-hire tank truck and private fleet carrier members of the NTTC. Carriers compete against carriers of the same relative size for three awards, Grand, Honor, and Merit, which are awarded in each mileage class. Carriers are judged on five categories.

  1. Accident frequency as determined by the number of DOT recordable accidents.
  2. Improvement in the carrier’s safety record.
  3. Carrier’s vehicle maintenance, driver selection, training and control programs.
  4. Personnel safety program and record.
  5. Other contributions to the cause of highway safety.

“This award is a tribute to the hard working men and women of our company that drive on the nation’s highways each and every day. We thank them for their ever present focus on safety, and trust they return home safe always!” – Tom Gorman, Director of EHS&S.

Competitive Safety Contest

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