The Savannah Terminal

Located near I-16 in Garden City, Georgia, the Savannah terminal is just minutes from the Georgia Port Authority. Our terminal facility consists of a beautiful office building, with a great drivers lounge, on a four-acre lot. We’ve also partnered with local maintenance facilities to maintain our equipment to Superior Bulk Logistics standards.

Our business ranges from chemical tanks to ISO containers; half of our business consists of shipments from the port either in tanks or containers, the other half comes from two companies. We are always looking for more business.

The driving force at the Savannah terminal is without a doubt the best in the industry. Currently, we operate with over 30 experienced drivers. As a team, these drivers have driven a million plus miles without a preventive accident. As a reward, all drives received a Superior Ogio bag. Following this great accomplishment, this same group of drivers drove past the two million mile mark without any preventable accidents, and show no signs of stopping.

In dispatch, we have Taylor Smith, a logistics graduate from Georgia Southern who joined the terminal in 2015 and shows great customer service skills. Erik Lewis is our dispatch trainee who retired from the Army with over 20 years of service. His military background is an excellent addition to the Savannah team. Kenywana Edenfiled is our terminal clerk and is the glue that holds this unique terminal together. The terminal is managed by Rashawn Vernon, another Georgia Southern logistics graduate. Rashawn joined the Superior team in Greer, South Carolina as a dispatch trainee in August 2012, but proved himself to be a quick study and was soon promoted to dispatcher. By June of 2014, he was promoted to Operations Supervisor in Savannah, GA before being named Terminal Manager. In the last two years, Rashawn and his team have almost doubled the driver count in Savannah.

With many trucking companies in the Savannah area, we are operating in a very competitive market. Given the combination of our driving force, team members and dispatch, our Savannah terminal continues to live up to the SUPERIOR name.

Savannah Terminal

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