Three Strategies to Take the Spike Out of Seasonal Demand

Seasonal demand for specific materials can create a significant disruption in the market, a situation often aggravated by capacity constraints. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Planning ahead for seasonal material distribution is one proactive strategy customers can use to optimize supply chain success. With continued capacity shortages, Superior Bulk Logistics’ diverse service footprint — rolling stock, rail transfer, Transportation Management System (TMS), and brokerage — can ensure compliance and reduce risk, even in times of peak demand. It’s yet another way we’re expanding our core services to help customers meet everyday challenges driven by market pressures, including their need for reliable distribution networks year round.

1) Pre-deploy Material at SBL Rail Transfer Sites
One effective approach to “flattening out” the demand pattern is for customers to systematically locate seasonal material at our nationwide SuperFlo rail transfer sites, and ship all year from those sites. Coatings, deicers, agricultural materials, and some food grade products are ideally suited to this process, which creates velocity at plant locations and provides seamless distribution to end users. With so many market forces beyond our control, customers are well advised to explore this highly manageable opportunity to achieve competitive advantage.

2) Your Partner in Advance Planning
Superior can do far more than handle the right transfers at the right times. We work in partnership with customers nationwide to schedule and receive material in SAP, often utilizing our robust VisiShip TMS inventory management software to boost optimization and visibility. Brokerage, third party logistics, and other supply chain services from Supernus Global Solutions, Inc. can add further capacity, cost efficiency and value when managing spikes in market demand.

3) Ensure Quality & Reliability — Even in Peak Periods
Lack of planning can lead to emergency “Plan B” carrier options with untried reliability scenarios and potential performance pitfalls. Bringing SBL into seasonal planning upfront ensures “Plan A” deliveries, even during capacity crunches.

We encourage customers to contact their account representatives for more information!

Seasonal Demand

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by Wes Stone and Gail Jones


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